Put yourself first. You deserve it

2020 is the year for you to transform and attune yourself to your density whilst relaxing and having fun. Our six-night JC retreat is definitely for you. Join June, Taiwo, Jen and other remarkable woman on a life changing journey in Barbados.

Our 50 plus retreat is for woman who realise that change is needed now. The retreat is designed to help you finish your present journey and make room for your new one. We want you to heal and experience mental, emotional, spiritual and physical transformations. This begins with making those profound and lasting changes in your personal life. We will discuss, identify, and help you resolve your issues. The transformation programme lasts for six nights.

Reaching your fifties is a delicate and significant time for woman.  Your body goes through various changes such as menopause, the breakdown of our immune system, stress and sleeping problems. This brings on many health and well-being issues; however the process is different for each individual. Depending on what you want to achieve, the team will work with you through our holistic well-being treatments, therapies, one-to-one coaching and group sessions so you can begin making your transformations in a safe space.


Growing old is a beautiful process so one of the key areas we will be covering is how to understand the importance of being mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically prepared? We’ll help you understand what this means for you coming of age as an elder. Think of all the knowledge, wisdom and understanding you can pass on to your grandchildren and others around you. We want to help you appreciate that there is little to be afraid of. Your life experiences, wisdom, and knowledge are enough to change your life for the better with help and support from us.

This journey will not only offer you mind, body, spirit and personal growth. But also new friendships, inner peace, heart-opening conversations, and life changing activities.

“As women we are capable of achieving our aspirations and outcomes in life. Only we can become wise and awaken our inner spirit.” We will teach you that the first step towards fulfilling your highest potential is to practice being honest and caring with self.